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User Interface

The Hyperfy UI is streamlined, intuitive and designed to keep you immersed while still giving you control when you need it!

Hyperfy User Interface


At any point you can press Enter to focus the chat. This will show all recent messages and allow you to type your message. Pressing Enter again will send your message, or if there is no message will close the chat.

Voice Chat

By default your microphone is disabled until your click this button. Clicking it will toggle your mic on and off.


Items and NFTs that you own that can be used in the current world will show up here.

Hyperfy Backpack


The account menu lets you connect your wallet, change your name and equip avatars.

Hyperfy Account


If you are in a world you can edit, the editor lets you make changes to the world in realtime.

Hyperfy Editor


Lists the people that are in the world with you.

Hyperfy People


Manage your performance and display settings etc

Hyperfy Settings


The explore menu is a quick way to jump into other worlds or one that you own.

Hyperfy Explore