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Movement & Controls


You can explore in either portrait or landscape mode by rotating your device.

MoveDrag your finger on the left side of the screen
Look/TurnDrag your finger on the right side of the screen
InteractTap the interact button
JumpTap the jump button
FlyDouble-tap the jump button (if allowed)


MoveWASD or Arrow Keys
Look/TurnLeft click to lock your mouse pointer, or use Right click and drag.
InteractLeft mouse button
FlyDouble-tap spacebar (if allowed)
Hide UIZ
Hide NametagsN
Free-camP to toggle and [ ] to decrease and increase speed


If your device supports it, a button will be shown to let you enter immersive VR:

Hyperfy VR Button

Note: if you want to use voice chat, enable it before entering VR!

MoveLeft joystick
TurnRight joystick
InteractLeft or Right trigger
FlyDouble tap A (if allowed)
GlideSpread your arms out while falling
ClimbGrab onto climbable objects with the Grip buttons